How to Wash a Football Shirt with Printing


We understand that football shirts aren’t just any old top. 

So, knowing how to wash football shirts - especially with printing - is essential to maintaining that fresh-off-the-shelf look.

Here at MysteryFootball, we have a wide range of football shirts with printing, as well as special edition and anniversary kits. 

It doesn’t matter if your shirt is from the current season or is a retro football top, every football shirt should be treated with the same amount of TLC. 

This guide is full of the best tips and tricks to ensure your shirt keeps looking just like new for longer!

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How to Wash Football Shirts with Printing

Below are the six tips our expert team uses when washing their football shirts to ensure their shirts are in the best condition possible. 

Forget about Extra Time - The Sooner the Better!


We’ve all been there - get home, get comfies on, and leave the washing for another day (or week). However, when it comes to washing football tops, time is of the essence!

If you want to get stains out of your football shirt, the longer you leave the stain the more ingrained it will be in the fibres. If you have particularly stubborn stains on your football shirt, like grass or mud, you could always pre-soak your shirt in stain remover first. 

We recommend doing a patch test on your shirt first though, just in case it lifts the colours. 

It’s always better to be safe than sorry!

Know the Team Colours and Separate Them

Speaking of colours, it’s the age-old rule but it works. 

Before washing your football shirts, separate them into:

  • Lights
  • Darks
  • Colours

This way, if your shirts do run a little (which they most likely do the first few times a garment is washed), it won’t cause disastrous effects across the full laundry pile. 

You could always include a colour catcher sheet too for extra protection!

The Shirts May Be Hot, but Wash in Cold Water


Again, it’s a fact we all know, but its importance is paramount. 

If you’re wondering how to wash your football shirt in the best way, you should wash it at no more than 30°C. 

This is to minimise any potential damage that could come from washing your football shirt. 

We understand that you may be wondering how to get stains out of football shirts on a cold wash. A pre-soak as we recommended above should be enough to get your shirt looking fresh again. 

Turn Your Shirt Inside Out to Avoid a Red Card

Our best piece of advice for washing football shirts with printing is to turn your shirt inside out before putting it into the washing machine!

This is to reduce the risk of the printing peeling or cracking. 

Plus, if you wash multiple football shirts at once, turning them inside out stops the printing from sticking together and leading to a disaster. 

This, alongside the cold wash, should keep your shirts in top condition. 

No Hand Balls, but a Hand Wash Is Recommended

We all know how precious football shirts are - especially special edition, retro, or anniversary shirts. 

Therefore, you may feel more comfortable hand washing your football shirt. By hand washing, you can ensure a gentle process is used to prevent any printing cracking or peeling, as well as stopping any colours from running together. 

If the printing on your football shirt is already peeling or cracking, we recommend only hand washing your football shirt to reduce any further damage from a washing machine. 

Tumble Dry Is off the (Football) Table


If you find yourself asking 'Can you tumble dry football shirts?', we've got the answer.

No matter what you do when washing your football shirt, do not put it in the tumble dryer. 

This is because the heat from the tumble dryer could cause the badges and printing on your football shirt to melt. With this in mind, we also do not recommend drying your football shirt on radiators either. 

To ensure your football shirts remain in the best condition possible, leave them to air dry on a drying rack or hang them on the line outside.

Current football shirts are made from a range of innovative materials that dry faster than more vintage football shirts, so hopefully you won’t be waiting to wear your shirt for too long!

Why It’s Important to Wash Your Football Shirts Properly - Hear from Our Founder!

Our founder and managing director, Matt Cole, shares why it’s important to keep your football shirts in the best condition - especially when we buy shirts. 

Matt says:

“As a business that started from the passion of collecting football shirts, we really care about the condition that football shirts are kept in. 

“We look for the quality of the sponsors and badge, as well as for minimal signs of discolouration and colour fading.” 

If you’re interested in selling your football shirts to us, reach out to our friendly team today!

Now You Know How to Wash Football Shirts, Pick up Your New Football Top Today!

Those are our best tips and tricks as to how to wash football shirts with printing - but this advice will also work for football shirts with no printing. 

However, if you still find yourself slightly unsure about what the best course of action is to wash and dry your football shirt, you can always just read the care label inside the shirt! 

Here at MysteryFootball, we have a wide selection of football shirts, both with printing and without. This way, you can find the best football shirt for your collection. 

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