Euros 2024 Shirts Predicted by AI

Euros 2024 Shirts Predicted by AI

AI in football isn’t anything new. 

It’s been adopted across all areas of the sport: known to improve player and overall team strategy, provide ‘expected goals’ averages, and even predict potential injuries. 

This is all extremely useful to the teams, but where’s the fun in it all?

With Euros 2024 coming up, we got to thinking… What if we could use AI to predict the Euro 2024 shirts? So we did, and you’re gonna love the results.

Not only did it produce the shirts, but these are Euro 2024 kits we’d actually buy and wear!

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Will they be anything like the football shirts AI has predicted? Let’s take a look…

How We Used AI in Euros 2024 Football Shirt Creation

We used Midjourney to create the predicted 2024 Euros shirts. For each design, we asked AI to incorporate the following:

  • The team’s country flag colours
  • Realistic render
  • Retro design but modern style

And boy did it deliver! 

But enough talking - we know you’re dying to see the shirts, so let’s kick off…

Euro 2024 Shirts Predicted by AI

24 teams will play in the 2024 Euros, but we’ve chosen to predict shirts for 12 of the biggest teams. 


Only right to start it off with the host nation, and talk about hitting it in the back of the net! 

This Euro Germany shirt is absolutely perfect. 

The diamond design on the shirt has that retro feel, but the black design makes it extremely modern. 

You still get elements of the team’s traditional white with the stripes down the shoulders, but the gold-trimmed collar and sleeves make it stand out from the crowd.


This will be Scotland’s fourth time playing in the Euros - the previous ones being in 2020 (2021 due to Covid-19), 1996, and 1992. 

For the 2020 Euros, the team wore a striped shirt that, to us, was pretty boring. AI has predicted a striped football shirt again, but one that’s in another dimension.

It’s got the classic dark blue and white design, but those stripes are coming from all directions - an indication of how the team is going to play?

One thing we’re not so sure about is the blue block on each sleeve. Would you buy this Scottish Euros shirt?


We didn’t even have to tell you this is Euro’s Spain shirt! As always, the red and gold speak for themselves. 

Again, we have more stripes on this shirt in yellow and black with some black horizontal shading on the left-hand side.

The grey sleeves and collar are a new colour introduction for the team - we’re not too convinced the country would stray from its beloved red and gold colour scheme, but only time will tell…


Now this Euros 2024 shirt for Austria caught our eye!

The V-neck collar is similar to the away kit the team used in the 2020 Euros. 

The faded geometric print incorporates various shades of white, grey, and red to create almost an optical illusion-looking design - is AI trying to tell us something?


The Euro 2020 France shirt is unfortunately burned into our memories - it was like Dennis the Menace had gone to France!

Fortunately, AI’s prediction of France’s 2024 Euros shirt is far better than the last… 

We still have some semblance of a stripe… but diagonally this time. The royal blue and white are joined by a thin pale gold stripe across the chest. 

The overlapping V-neck collar adds something different to the shirt - although, we think the black collar and sleeve cuffs should’ve been replaced with that pale gold. 

The Netherlands

We know what you’re thinking - these aren’t the flag colours of the Netherlands. But it is most certainly a Netherlands football shirt!

The vivid orange is so on-brand for the team, but AI has updated the country’s classic look ever so slightly. The cream stripe, sleeve, and collar features bring an unexpected twist to the traditional orange hue. 

The deep blue trims and shirt details do tie in with one of the flag’s colours - so AI didn’t go totally against the rules! 


Now this Portugal Euro’s shirt is smart! 

The country’s flag colours have been incorporated, but in a way that makes the design modern and fresh.

Once again, we have a geometric design across the torso that fades from crimson to that unmistakable green. 

That green is also used on the collar and sleeve cuffs. The buttons hark back to retro football shirts to give us that taste of the good old days.


There’s no denying that this Euros 2024 shirt is for Croatia. 


 Will the classic red and white checkerboard design ever go out of style?

The addition of blue on the collar and sleeve cuffs feeds back to the prompt we gave AI to include the flag colours. We think it works!


We can all agree the England Euros shirt in 2020 was pretty plain. 

For the English Euros 2024 shirt, AI has given it a little something extra.

White is obviously the predominant colour for this shirt, but there are some thin, faint red stripes across the chest with bolder red used for the collar and sleeve cuffs. 

Having placed second at the last Euros, will this be the year we finally take it home? COYL!


At first glance, you could mistake this as a German football shirt - the pointed design, the yellow and red. 

It’s an easy mistake!

This Belgian Euros 2024 shirt incorporates stripes and geometric prints to create a shirt you won’t be forgetting any time soon. 

Just perhaps what team it belongs to!


Maybe you won’t be chanting ‘The Blues’ for the Euros 2024…

This Euro Italian football shirt is white! There are still hints of blue on the shoulders, along with the other flag colours red and green. 

The gold lightning-almost design on the torso and mimicked along the shoulders only reminds us that Italy are the current champions of the Euros.


Last but not least, Turkey - and what a corker to end on!

It features the team’s usual colours - red and white - but also brings in grey for a multi-dimensional design that turns heads.

Bringing elements of the flag’s moon design onto the shirt is a new take on the country’s traditional football shirt. 

With a similar design on the sleeves, this Euros 2024 shirt is unmatched! 

Ready to Get Your Euros 2024 Shirt (Not Predicted by AI)? MysteryFootball Has You Covered!

Those are our Euros 2024 football shirts predicted by AI. 

What do you think - would you buy these shirts? Do you think there is a place for AI in football shirt design?

We’ve noticed a lot of similar pattern trends in these shirts, such as:

  • Stripes
  • Geometric prints
  • Sleeve cuffs and collar designs


Therefore, we don’t think brands will be using AI too much to design football shirts as there’s a lack of originality in each shirt. 

However, if there is a hint of these designs in the actual Euros 2024 shirts, we’ll know where they got their ideas from!

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