The Best International Football Shirts - Ranked!


With international football shirts, we all have our favourites. With some of the biggest football giants fighting it out in these daringly designed kits, there's nothing quite like an international game of football.

There have been some iconic international shirts over the years, making it hard to know which comes out on top. We've analysed a range of football shirts from various teams to compile the best of the best (at least, in our opinion!).

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International Football Shirts - Ranked!

We all know that international football kits can be wild, wicked and - sometimes - wacky... in the best way, of course! They become a part of history that you come to remember for many summers after. From vintage football shirts to more modern football kits, this list has some of the best football kits!

Brazil: 1982 World Cup

Brazil's 1982 shirt epitomises a vintage football kit. The golden shirt mirrors the World Cup trophy but, alas, in 1982 it wasn't Brazil's to take home - Italy had that privilege instead. 

Worn by players such as Falcão and Cerezo, the 1982 shirt Brazil wore is perhaps more simple in design than some other shirts, thanks to its basic round neck and inclusion of just the logo for design. However, the bright colours of yellow and blue still made this kit stand out. Especially those short shorts!

Brazil football team 1982

Image Source: CNN

Ghana: 2020 World Cup

This away shirt by Puma made the Ghanaian football team stand out from the crowd! Inspired by the country's architecture, the yellow, black, and red colour clashes kept the nation's colours front and centre whilst still being modern and fresh. 

Many fans were calling for this option to be Ghana's home kit choice, as the black and white design of the actual home kit wasn't as flamboyant and recognisable as the away shirt. 

Ghana football team 2020

Image Source: The Sun

Mexico: 1998 World Cup

Mexico's international football shirts have varied over the years. From the pink and black designs to this 2023 almost pebble-dash inspired look, many fans always return to their retro football shirt from 1998's World Cup.

Worn by players like Sanchez and Suarez, the Aztec design features a sun god in various green hues with a white and red collar and arm details. This football shirt isn't one you'll forget anytime soon!

Mexico World Cup 1998

Image Source: Twitter

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Belgium: 1984 European Championship

The Adidas Belgium 1984 kit is definitely iconic! This retro football shirt style features an argyle-pattern stripe across the chest in red, black, white, and yellow - with the crest in the centre. 

On paper, this international football kit shouldn't work, yet somehow it does! However, the same can't be said for the team - France ended up being the championship winners after beating Spain 2-0. 

Belgium European Football Championship 1984

Image Source: Pinterest

Cameroon: 2002 World Cup

We know what you're thinking: vests Cameroon - what is this, a five-a-side kick about?! Eventually the kit was banned by FIFA, and the organisation's spokesperson, Keith Cooper, famously said: ‘They're not shirts, they're vests.’ He wasn’t wrong.

In order to appease the masses, Cameroon wore black T-shirts underneath their vests. However, the emerald green vests stood out against the black and made them an international football shirt you'll never forget. 

Cameroon football team 2002

Image Source: The Sun Dream Team

Peru: 1978 World Cup

We only need to say two words: the sash. We know you know it! No matter the year, Peru's football kit always includes the iconic red sash across the white shirt. Because of this, we could've chosen a kit from any year for Peru, but we went for the 1978 World Cup

The simple yet classic design is timeless and is as favourable today as it was back in the '70s!

Peru football team 1978

Image Source: Football Scotland

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England: 1966 World Cup

Come on, how could we not include an England shirt from the year it finally came home! The iconic away shirt is a red-long sleeve number that, of course, has three lions on the chest. 

This perhaps basic design doesn't have much going for it if you’re not from England, but it did bring us home the trophy, so it’s naturally one of the best international football kits. 

England football team 1966

Image Source: The Telegraph

Nigeria: 2018 World Cup

Forget Kim Kardashian, this international football shirt is what broke the internet! The hazy yet graphic design by Nike stood out from the crowd thanks to the acid green, white, and black colourway. 

More than three million people pre-ordered replica shirts - highlighting the kit's popularity and its significance in history!

Nigeria World Cup 2018

Image Source: The Mirror 

Argentina: 1978 World Cup

This international football shirt may look like nothing special but it has some features that make it unique. For example, the mock high-neck design with a 'V' notch is extremely unusual for a football shirt. Designed by Adidas, the shirt was long sleeve and featured virtual stripes in the country's white and light blue colours. 

The shirt is definitely distinctive and even took them to the win!

Argentina football team 1978

Image Source: Talk Sport

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Germany: 1994 World Cup

Is it any surprise that Germany is on this list? The country is known for its impressive international shirts, but the one from 1994 is the real winner for us. The spray-look design features geometric shaping at the top in the classic red, yellow, and black, with the rest of the shirt in plain white. 

Adidas featured yet another V-neck inspired collar on this football shirt, again, in the country's flag colours. 

It may not have won them the trophy, but it sure wins our list!

Germany World Cup 1994

Image Source: Charity Stars

International Football Kit - Bonus Mentions

So, we may have our list of the best international football shirts, but there's a few honourable mentions we can't not include. 

England: 1990 World Cup

Now, this time we're not discussing the first kit, or even the second kit - as the third kit is where the magic happened! The shirt features different shades of blue in geometric shapes with a dark blue collar.

This shirt has become iconic, most probably because it was worn by Bernard Sumner in New Order's 'World in Motion' music video.

England World Cup 1990

Image Source: Getty

Portugal: 2023 Women's World Cup

Is anyone surprised that this international football shirt is designed by Nike? The explanation for Portugal women's 2023 away shirt is: ‘The away kit features a vibrant colour scheme and bespoke pattern inspired by the country’s famous calçada Portuguesa design.’

The terrazzo-esque design is definitely unique (that's maybe putting it lightly!).

Portugal 2023 Women's World Cup shirt

Image Source: Football Kit Archive

Croatia: 1998 World Cup

We couldn’t leave this one off our list - it’s definitely one of the most iconic international football shirts of all time!

Worn by the Croatian team in the 1998 World Cup, it features a white and red almost checkerboard, flag-inspired design. The team loved this kit so much that they wore it all the way to the 2001 season!

Croatia World Cup 1998

Image Source: Balls

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