The Best New 23/24 Football Kits

The Best New 23/24 Football Kits

The 23/24 football kits have just been released and it’s always an exciting time for football fans. You never know if a team is going to stray from their usual look and have a totally bonkers design, or if we are about to witness an instant classic.

Either way, the team has got to wear these kits with pride for the entire season, so (hopefully) they look good! With the 2023-24 season just starting, we've perused the new shirts from football clubs all over the world and chosen the best of the best!

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The 23/24 Home Kits: Yay or Nay?

The clue’s in the name with this one! Home kits tend to stick to a team’s traditional colours but that doesn’t mean they can’t mix up their typical design. Some of the best football kits tend to be new versions of old classics. Let’s see if any of the 2023-24 home kits will be ones we wear for many seasons to come!


Released with the tagline: ‘It's a 90s thing’, the 2023-2024 home kit for Chelsea is definitely a blast from the past! By sticking to the traditional blue and white colours, this new shirt pays tribute to the 1998 season when Chelsea were crowned the UEFA Cup winners, according to the English club. 

Designed by Nike, the sportswear giant’s famous tick and Chelsea’s logo feature in gold, according to the football club. However, on closer inspection these so-called gold accents appear to be iridescent. This design definitely adds a unique look to the shirt but fans have noticed that from certain angles, this causes the logo to ‘disappear’.

It’s unknown if Nike were aware of this during the design process, so it will be interesting to see if this design style continues for further seasons!

Chelsea FC shirt

Image Source: Chelsea FC 

AC Milan

Yet again, Puma and AC Milan have designed a belter of a kit. This is definitely one of the best new football kits for 23/24! The Italian club is known for its black and red stripes and this season’s kit puts a new spin on the go-to design.

According to the club: ‘You can’t separate AC Milan from Milan. So, with the 2023/24 home jersey, we bring the two even closer together.

‘The signature red and black stripes are transformed into a completely new repeat graphic that celebrates the city, the team and their role at the heart of a community that’s constantly evolving.’

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AC Milan Football Shirt

LOSC Lille

This season’s home shirt for this northern French city is the true definition of a reimagined classic. Designed by New Balance, the shirt harks back to the team’s renowned red and calls back to its traditional V shape. 

Since it was founded in 1944, the team has been known for its iconic V, but in the past few years the French team has steered away from the design. It’s nice to see New Balance honouring the tradition with the duo-tone V neck collar and varying shades of red, adding a modern touch to the design.

Speaking about the home shirt, General Manager of New Balance Football, Kenny McCallum said: ‘The red, navy and white of LOSC is instantly recognisable across French football, so it’s always so important for us to honour that heritage. 

‘This season’s home kit builds upon the greatness of LOSC, and we hope the players can create further history wearing it on the pitch this season.’

LOSC Lille Football Shirt

Image Source: New Balance 


For the 23/24 season, Adidas and Celtic have combined the old with the new, bringing a modern take to their traditional hoop design. According to the Scottish team, the shirt has ‘elements of the glass pattern from the original stadium entrance’. 

Once you know the geometric pattern is inspired by Celtic Parc, you can’t unsee it - even the kits’ socks have a stripe of the new hoop design! 

All logos on the shirt are in black except for the team’s sponsor, Dafabet, which stands out in yellow. The shirt has an embroidered Celtic crest proudly placed on the chest as well as featuring a Celtic cross on the jersey’s back neck.

Celtic Football Shirt

Image Source: The Celtic Store 

Venezia FC

For this Italian city’s football kit, Kappa had assistance from German studio, Bureau Borsche, and honestly, it seems like a match made in heaven!

The shirt is inspired by the modern artistry of famous Venetian architect, Carlo Scarpa. The gold collar (fastened with a single button) and sleeve cuffs stand out against the black shirt, and pay tribute to the gold Scarpa was renowned for.

The team does highlight its traditional team colours with an orange and green central stripe. To the left of the stripe you find the Venezia Football Club crest and Kappa logo, making an almost asymmetric design. 

Venezia FC Shirt

Image Source: Venezia FC

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Will the 23/24 Away Kits Blow You Away?

It can be argued that sometimes, the reveal of your team’s away kit is even more exciting than the home kit. Teams can be more experimental with this type of shirt, steer away from the norm and try something new - and some of the 23/24 season away kits definitely fit this design brief! 


Talk about shocking! The 2023-2024 season Arsenal away shirt by Adidas is one you won't forget quickly. The almost toxic-yellow shade of this away shirt is enhanced by the blue and black logos and crest.

Across the acid yellow shirt is black squiggly lines that, according to the English team: ‘Suggest the continuous motion of supporters in N7 on match days.’

For the first time in history, this away kit is only for the Arsenal men’s team. This year, Arsenal women will have their own exclusive away kit!

Arsenal Football Shirt

Image Source: Arsenal Direct

ACF Fiorentina

Another football shirt made by Kappa, the ACF Fiorentina away shirt is a beauty! It is thought that the floral features on this shirt are inspired by Florence's botanical spaces.

Purple flowers can be found on both sleeves and in a diagonal line across the lower part of the white shirt. The shirt features a slight V collar, tying in the team’s traditional purple and red shades. This duo-design can also be found on the sleeve cuffs and the bottom of the shirt. 

ACF Fiorentina Shirt

Image Source: Fiorentina Store 


This new 23/24 football kit puts a new spin on a 90's classic design. According to Liverpool Football Club, the shirt took inspiration from the iconic 95/96 away shirt - often a favourite in fan votes!

Designed by Nike, the almost digital-look quadrants are broken up with differing shades of green and white. The green shades pop thanks to the thick black collar and sleeve cuffs. 

There is also a small tribute on the back neck in memory of the fans who unfortunately lost their lives in the Hillsborough Disaster.

Liverpool Football Shirt

Image Source: Liverpool FC Store

AS Roma

Definitely more subdued and demure than some of the other 2023/24 away kits, Roma’s option still stands out from the crowd. 

According to Adidas, this away kit: ‘Takes its inspiration from the earthy tones and intricate patterning of the ancient Roman architecture that makes the city so unique.’

The colour is described as ‘ecru tint’, and the intricate designs on the shirt are contrasted by the black details on the shoulders and logo. 

AS Roma Shirt

Image Source: Adidas

Aberdeen FC

Dubbed, ‘The Northern Lights Kit’, we may have some drama with this one! Designed by Adidas, fans have noticed that it bears some resemblance to the Adidas Minnesota United 23-24 away kit - also designed by Adidas.

According to the Scottish team, the pink and blue swirls are said to replicate: ‘The night sky when the heavenly dancers come out to play.’

Aberdeen FC Shirt

Image Source: Aberdeen Football Club Shop 

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23/24 Pre-Match and Third Shirts - The Real Winners?

We know these aren’t always hyped over when compared to home and away kits, but some of this season’s pre-match and third shirts are impressive! Don’t believe us? See for yourself…

Bayern München

This pre-match shirt definitely makes a statement! Designed by Adidas, this Bayern München shirt features an all-over graphic design. 

The irregular shapes are various tones of red that occasionally ombré to white, adding a textured look whilst honouring the team’s colours.

Bayern Munich Shirt

Image Source: FC Bayern Store

Manchester City

Manchester City’s 23/24 third kit is definitely striking! The black shirt features an aquatic lightning bolt pattern that is contrasted by the coral Puma logo, crest and sponsor. 

According to the English team, the design is said to be inspired by: ‘The team’s lightning-fast style of play and the atmosphere it creates between the fans, players and staff.’

Manchester City Football Shirt

Image Source: Puma 


This pre-match shirt definitely pays homage to the team’s 2023/24 home kit. Designed by Adidas, this kit features black zebra stripes on a monochromatic striped background. 

In a similar vein to its home kit, the shirt features contrasting yellow logos and crest.

Juventus Football Shirt

Image Source: Juventus Store

FC Porto

Designed by New Balance, Porto’s 2023/24 third kit is one for the books! The teal blue is contrasted by the gold accents on the sleeves, logos, crest and collar.

The ever-increasing circles starting at the club’s crest bring the eye to the crest’s recoloured design. The contrasting blue and gold collar also brings something different to this shirt. 

FC Porto Shirt

Image Source: New Balance 

Newcastle United

Another shirt that pops, this time designed by Castore. Newcastle United’s third shirt has a geometric arrow background in both mid and dark blue. 

The bright yellow used to highlight some of the arrows is also used for the crest, logos, sponsors and sleeve cuffs, as well as the V-neck collar. 

Newcastle United Shirt

Image Source: Newcastle United Football Club Shop 

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