Mystery Football’s First Ever Pop-Up Event!

Mystery Football’s First Ever Pop-Up Event!

We know you’ve all been waiting for this like you wait for the return of football during the summer months. 

The longing, hoping and dreaming can finally come to an end because the time has arrived…

MysteryFootball is having its first pop-up event!

We love providing people with a hassle-free way to build their football shirt collection and our pop-up event is the perfect way for you to do so. 

It’s Coming Home!

For our first pop-up event, we’re kicking things off in Birmingham.

Not only is it where our founder and managing director is from, but with two massive clubs we believe it’s the perfect place for football fans to assemble!

The pop-up shop will be running from Thursday 19th October - Sunday 22nd October. 

Located in Bullring and Grand Central, the pop-up shop will be open until 8pm most days making it super easy to pop in after work, on the weekend or even on your lunch break! 

Mystery Football pop-up shop

What You Can Expect from the Pop-up Shop

At the pop-up shop we will of course have all five of our mystery shirt boxes available:

  • Mystery Football Shirt Box
  • Kids Mystery Football Shirt Box
  • National Mystery Football Shirt Box
  • 2023/24 Mystery Football Shirt Box
  • Premium Mystery Football Shirt Box

We know what you’re thinking: surely there will be a mark-up on the price due to it being in person? We’re thrilled to tell you this won’t be the case! 

We truly value our customer-base and that’s why our range of Mystery Football shirt boxes will be the same price as they are online.

If you would rather purchase an individual football shirt from a specific team, some of these will also be available to purchase at the same price as a mystery box! 

Too Many Shirts? Never!

We pride ourselves on securing some of the most obscure, rare and retro football shirts from more than 30 countries and 50 global leagues. 

As always, we ensure all of our shirts are 100% genuine so you can rest assured that your collection will be top-notch. 

At the pop-up event you can find a wide range of shirts for customers to choose from. We will have some shirts from the 2023/24 season, such as Manchester City, Atletico Mineiro, Palermo and Borussia Dortmund. Plus some retro shirts, including:

  • Vintage Birmingham City
  • Mexico 2022 World Cup shirt
  • Vintage Aston Villa
  • Red Star Paris anniversary shirt
  • Vintage West Brom
  • Borussia Dortmund neon limited edition shirts

At the pop-up event you will also find some shirts that are not currently available on our website!

So if you want a shirt that brings back so many memories from your childhood, want to get one from the country of your upcoming holiday or - dare we say it - some Christmas gifts, why not head down and take a look.

Not only will you be able to shop our range of mystery boxes, shirts and exclusives at our pop-up, but you’ll also be able to play the (other) beautiful game - FIFA - on our big-screen TV!

We Look Forward to Seeing You in October!

We’ve come a long way from shipping orders from our founder’s bedroom. 

Just two years later we now have a strong community of almost 60,000 customers to-date, have built incredible relationships with some of football’s biggest brands and our first pop-up event is just around the corner!

Matt Cole, our founder and managing director, says:

‘We’re really looking forward to meeting everyone and welcoming people of all ages down to the event. 

‘In the future we hope to host pop-ups in other UK cities and our aim is to keep growing our dedicated community and our relationships with football’s biggest brands.’

We look forward to seeing you and helping you grow your football shirt collection - and maybe even beating you at FIFA!


Floor 2, Bullring and Grand Central, 17/18 Link Street, Birmingham, B5 4BS

Dates and times:

Thursday 19th October, 10am-8pm

Friday 20th October, 10am-8pm

Saturday 21st October, 9am-8pm

Sunday 22nd October, 11am-5pm

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