Retro Italian Football Shirts - Ranked!


Retro Italian football shirts are the best of both worlds. You get the striking styles of the past at the same time as supporting some of the best teams in the world.

With so many great designs to choose from, it can be hard to know who comes out on top! We've taken one for the team and ranked our very favourite retro Italian football shirts. 

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Our Retro Italian Football Shirts Top Picks!

Whether it's Fiorentina's vivid violet hues, Palermo's pops of pink or the classic Azzurri blue, the Italians know how to make some of the best international football shirts!

They stand out from the crowd, just like the players that wore them. With so many great authentic retro football shirts to choose from, will you agree with our top pick? 

15. Modena 1991/92

The black collar against the almost shimmering sunshine of this home shirt is a sight to behold. It’s so bright you almost can’t look at it! 

The club refounded in 2018 and won the 2021-2022 Serie C title to become part of Serie B! Up the Canarini (canaries)!

Modena 1991/92 football shirt

Image Source: Wikipedia

14. National 2002 

Worn for the 2002 World Cup hosted by South Korea and Japan, this shirt is the definition of the Azzurri! 

The high neck and tight fitting design by Kappa is rather plain compared to some of the shirts on this list, but is a classic for a reason!

We won’t dwell on Italy’s shock loss to South Korea… 

2002 Italy World Cup football shirt

Image Source: WorthPoint

13. AS Roma 1997/98

We can thank Kim Kardashian for this home shirt’s popularity! It features the club’s traditional colours of gold and red with the iconic logo right bang in the centre.

If it wasn’t for the logos, you could say this shirt is almost boring, but we’ll go for classic and understated instead!

AS Roma 1997/98 football player
Image Source: AS Roma

12. Pisa 1990/91

You can’t deny this is a retro Italian football shirt! 

The graphic design and V-neck collar scream 90s. The team wore this white shirt during its away games when it was in Serie A.

Pisa 1990/91 football team

Image Source: Wikiwand

11. Juventus 2005/06

This shirt is sure to bring back some memories! Perhaps the club’s best ever season was tarnished by the Calciopoli scandal that stripped Juventus of two titles and saw the club relegated to Serie B! 

But back to the shirt, designed by Nike, the classic black and white stripes of Juventus make the colourful logos pop. 

Juventus 2005/06 football player
Image Source: Footy Headlines

10. National 1999/00

Designed by Kappa, this shirt was worn in the 2000 Euros qualifiers when Italy won their group! The nods of the Azzurri blue on the sleeve cuffs, collar, and chest stripe stand out compared to the plain white shirt. Simple but effective!

Italy National football shirt 1999/2000

Image Source: 10 Football Entertainment

9. Palermo 2006/07

Pink to make the players wink! This candyfloss pink is iconically Palermo, and the hints of black add an edge to this home shirt. 

Rumour has it pink and black were chosen to be the colours as it combines ‘the sweetness of victory and the bitterness of defeat’. Does more pink equal more victories? Let’s see this season!

Palermo 2006/07 football player

Image Source: GDS

8. National 1993/94

This national shirt was worn in the 1994 World Cup! The bright royal blue design almost looks like velvet, it's that shiny! 

It also features triangle motifs on the sleeve cuffs and collar in red, white and green to match the colours of the country’s flag. 

Italy National football shirt 1993/94

Image Source: Charity Stars

7. Fiorentina 1992/93

This Fiorentina home shirt is a beauty - can you get more retro than this?! The club’s traditional purple hue features an alternating line design in various shades of violet. 

And we can’t just ignore that 7 UP logo! Perfectly 90s in the very best way. 

Fiorentina 1992/93 football players

Image Source: Calcio

6. Genoa 1993/94

This shirt is a special one as it was created for the club’s centenary year! Designed by Erreà, unfortunately the home shirt didn’t lead to any prizes, but the team sure looked good trying! 

The contrasting red and blue almost starburst design with the matching cuffs and collar is definitely one to remember. 

Genoa 1993/94 football players

Image Source: Wikipedia

5. National 2006/07

With only a hint of Azzurri, if it wasn’t for the badge right in the middle you may not know this is an Italy shirt! 

Maybe not the most traditional design from Puma, but a simple and sleek shirt nonetheless!

Italy National football shirt 2006/2007

Image Source: Charity Stars

4. Venezia 1998/99

Of course we had to include this shirt! Synonymous with 90s Italian football, this shirt changed the game. 

Kronos decided to mix up the club’s design by bringing their Lion of St Mark logo onto the shirt itself!

The red, orange and green really stand out against the black shirt and tie into the green and orange on the cuffs and collar.

Venezia 1998/1999 football player

Image Source: Charity Stars

3. National 1996 

From the lack of swoosh you wouldn’t recognise that this is actually a Nike shirt! But the lack of busyness on this shirt is what makes it stand out from the crowd. 

No distractions, all the team needed for the 1996 Euros was the Azzurri blue and hints of gold to be onto a winner! (Although Germany won the title, so maybe not…)

Italy National football team 1996

Image Source: Soccer Bible

2. Inter Milan 1996/97

This away shirt is so 90s it hurts! 

The club’s signature blue, black and white colour scheme in a block design across the shirt, shoulders and collar with a V-neck make the gold of the logos stand out. 

Not one you’re going to forget any time soon! 

Inter Milan 1996/1997 football team

Image Source: Charity Stars

1. AC Milan 2006/07

We had to make this our number one pick! 

The stripes, the logo, the collar - it’s everything you could hope for from a retro Italian football shirt.

They may have come fourth in the Serie A league, but did come out winners of the Champions League against Liverpool! 

AC Milan 2006/2007 football players

Image Source: AC Milan

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