The Complete Euro Golden Boot Winners List

euro golden boot

There’s something special about Euro Golden Boot winners. 

That specific player hasn’t succumbed to the pressure associated with the prestigious football contest and has performed unlike the rest. 

They’re literally golden 

But do you know who is on the Euro Cup Golden Boot winners list?

You’re about to find out!


The Complete Euro Cup Golden Boot Winners List

Winning the Golden Boot in the Euros means you are the top goalscorer in Europe!

Who wouldn’t want to win that?

We’ve already listed the Euro winners - will there be any crossovers? Let’s take a look…


1960 - Galić, Heute, Ivanor, Jerković, Ponedelnik 

For the first ever Euros, five players won the Golden Boot. 

All five players were from different countries:

  • Milan Galić - Serbia
  • François Heutte - France
  • Valentin Ivanov - Russia
  • Dražan Jerković - Yugoslavia
  • Viktor Ponedelnik - Russia

We’re not entirely sure how that worked… a fifth of a boot each?

1964 - Bene, Novák, Pereda

The second Euros competition, again, saw multiple players crowned the Golden Boot winner(s). 

  • Ferenc Bene - Hungary
  • Dezso Novak - Hungary 
  • Chus Pereda - Spanish

It isn’t always a shared thing!

1968 - Džajíc

We told you so!

Dragan Džajíc played for what was Yugoslavia and to this day is considered one of the best left wingers in football history!

Not only has he won the Golden Boot, but in 2003 he was awarded the Golden Player of Serbia and Montenegro as the most outstanding football player of the last 50 years. 

1972 - Müller

In 1972 German footballer Gerd Müller was named the Euro Golden Boot winner. 

Also known as ‘Bomber der Nation’ (the Nation’s Bomber), he is one of the greatest goalscorers in football. 

Just two years prior, he won the European Footballer of the Year

1976 - Müller

We promise this isn’t the same Müller!

Although he is still a German player…

This time, Dieter Müller was crowned the Golden Boot winner. But did you know that his birth name was actually Dieter Kaster?

Wonder how long he had to Müll(ov)er that one? 

1980 - Allofs

Yet another German player!

This time, Klaus Allofs was named the winner the same year (West) Germany won the Euros!

There's no denying, he's keeping that trophy Allof(t)!

1984 - Platini

Anybody who’s anybody knows who Michel Platini is. 

The French football player is thought of as one of the best football players ever, having won the Ballon d'Or consecutively in 1983, 1984, and 1985!

He is now the president of UEFA - the first former player to be elected. 

1988 - van Basten

You can’t forget Dutch football player Marco van Basten.

A well-deserved member of the Euro Cup Golden Boot winner list, he famously scored five goals in the 1988 Euros!

That volley is arguably one of the best ever - do you agree?

1992 - Bergkamp, Brolin, Larsen, Riedle

Another multiple Euros Golden Boot winner year!

Again, all the players were from different countries:

  • Dennis Bergkamp - The Netherlands
  • Tomas Brolin - Sweden
  • Henrik Larsen - Denmark
  • Karl-Heinz Riedle - Germany 

A quarter of the trophy each…

1996 - Shearer

The first England footballer on the list!

Already a phenomenal Premier League player (to this date he is the Premier League’s record goalscorer), he was awarded the Euro Golden Boot winner. 

2000 - Kluivert, Miloševíc

A duo-win for the millennium Euros contest!

The Oranje’s Patrick Kluivert and Serbia’s Savo Miloševíc. 

Both players scored five goals so no wonder a favourite couldn’t be picked.

2004 - Baroš

The Czech Republic’s Milan Baroš was the 2004 Euros Golden Boot winner as the competition’s top goal scorer. 

Despite the fact the Czech Republic only reached the semi-finals!

During that year’s Euros, Baroš became the youngest-ever player to score for the country at that level. 

2008 - Villa

David Villa is arguably one of the best strikers in football history!

He is the all-time top goalscorer of the Spanish football team. 

Villa scored a hat-trick - the first person to do it after another Golden Boot winner, Patrick Kluivert - beating Russia 4-1. 

2012 - Torres

Surely everyone has heard of Fernando Torres?

Maybe you know him better as, El Niño! (The Kid). 

Perhaps best remembered in this contest for not shaking his manager’s hand, who cares about how many goals he scored anyway…

2016 - Griezmann

Antoine Griezmann is one of the most decorated players on this Euros Cup Golden Boot winners list. 

He scored six goals and had two assists in only seven games!

Definitely the Man(n) of the match…

2020 - Ronaldo

Of course, Cristiano Ronaldo is on this list!

Definitely one of the best footballers of all time, at the 2020 Euros he scored his 100th and 101st international goals - making him the second male to achieve this.

The first in Europe!


Who Will Join the Euro Golden Boot Winners?

There’s no denying, there are some incredible football players taking part in the 2024 Euros. 

So, who do you think will join the Euro Cup Golden Boot winners list?

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