Our Favourite 2024 Euros Football Shirts

euros football shirts

Euros football shirts are in a league of their own… 

Quite literally!

With the tournament only coming around every four years, the anticipation of that year’s Euros football top is even more special. 

And 2024 is no different. 

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Speaking of this year’s Euros, our team of experts has picked their favourite Euros football strips of 2024. 

Will you agree with their choices?

Let’s kick off…


Our 2024 Euros Football Shirts Top Picks

We’ve already used AI to predict the Euros shirts for 2024 - let’s see how close AI was to the real deal!

1. Spain Away

This shirt by Adidas is unlike anything we’ve ever seen from Spain!

The pale yellow Euros football strip is definitely eye-catching. Off-set by the red and aqua side panels, it really stands out from the crowd.

Image Source: Adidas Football

2. Austria Home

This Euros football top has the classic Austria colourway of red and white. 

According to Puma, this shirt:

‘[E]mbodies the spirit of the national team and provides players and fans with [the] look of the team on the pitch.’

Now it’s been explained, we can sort of see it.

Sort of…

Image Source: Football Republic

3. France Away

As a nod to a retro shirt from the 80s, Nike has designed this shirt for the Euros with past players in mind. 

The white shirt is joined by blue and red pinstripes with the iconic Cockrell crest placed over the player’s heart.

Our managing director, Matt Cole, says:

“I am a huge fan of how clean this France shirt looks this tournament. 

‘The newly designed France badge stands out against the white and bright blue, and I really like the overall look of this shirt!”

Image Source: Nike Football

4. Belgium Away

For Belgium’s Euros football shirt, Adidas has taken inspiration from a more obscure source - Tintin

The sportswear giant says the football top features a fun, innovative design ‘straight from the fascinating art culture in Belgium’. 

The colours definitely scream Tintin - but who knew he was so into football?!

Image Source: Football Kits Worldwide

5. Scotland Home

Would it really be the Scotland Euros football strip if it didn’t include Tartan?

Adidas has put its spin on the classic design by adding bold graphical prints with the crest, side panels, and logo in a shocking yellow.

Will this be the year Scotland makes the Euros winner list? Only time will tell…

Image Source: Scotland National Team

6. The Netherlands Home

Of course, the Netherlands Euros football kit is orange - it would be scandalous if it wasn’t!

This time, Nike has added some dimension to the shirt by adding contrasting stitching throughout the whole top to give a multi-tonal effect. 

You can’t deny, this shirt is un-peel-lievable!

Image Source: Nike Football

7. Hungary Home

Our team has opted for Hungary’s home shirt, but realistically, there’s not much difference between the home and away shirts except the colour!

The home shirt has the typical red expected from Hungary and features white and green pops on the sides, sleeves, as well as crests and logos. 

Plus, Adidas included Magyarország on the back of the collar to show the team stands with its fans. 

Image Source: The Football TR

8. England Away

Whether you love it or hate it, this Euros football shirt was always going to make the list. 

The purple has taken a lot of people by surprise - including us! We understand the theory of mixing the red and blue together, but we’re not sure. 

What do you think - does it make the top England euros kits of all time?

Image Source: Nike Football

9. Germany Home

There’s no denying this is a German football shirt.

This Euros top has a geometric print along the body with Germany’s flag colours ombred from the shoulders down to the sleeves. 

A modern classic if ever we’ve seen one! 

Image Source: The Football TR

10. Czech Republic Home

Last but certainly not least, we have the Czech Republic Euros football strip. 

The home design is red with half the collar and cuffs bright blue. The body of the shirt features a geometric, angular version of the country’s crest in a deeper hue of red. 

Image Source: My Football Republic


Looking for a Euros Football Top? You’ve Come to the Right Place

Those are our experts' top picks from the 2024 selection of Euros football strips. 

Are there any that should have made the list in your opinion?

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