The Top 10 England Euros Kits - Ranked!

The Top 10 England Euros Kits - Ranked!

There’s nothing quite like an England Euros kit

Instantly recognisable, you know exactly what games were played when you see the kit. 

You remember where you were, who you were with, and that feeling you will never forget. 

Our team of experts has picked the cream of the crop of all the past Euros shirts - will you agree?

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But which is the best Euros England kit of all time? You’re about to find out!


10) 2020 - Away

Starting off with a bang!

This away shirt was worn by the England team in 2020. When designing this shirt, Nike must have had some magic dust because it was the first time the team made a final! 

The bright royal blue has a ribbed effect with the lion design geometrically placed across the shirt. The vivid red of the logo, sides, and crest stands out from the crowd. 

Definitely a shirt with magic!


Image Source: Soccer Jersey Collector


9) 2000 - Home

Worn by the likes of David Beckham, this 2000 home shirt designed by Umbro is definitely one of the best Euros England kits. 

It’s England’s classic white with a deep blue to the collar and cuffs. Plus, the font of that ‘7’ is such a perfectly retro football shirt!


Image Source: Jersey Addicts


8) 2004 - Home

To some, it may just be another white shirt, but to us, it’s something special. 

The collar, the red stripes down the arms, the central badge! 

Sure, the spaced-out horizontal lines may not be our favourite, but you can’t deny, this shirt has something for everyone. 

And what a contest it was - don’t forget, this was the year that Greece won the Euros beating all the odds!


Image Source: Jersey Addicts


7) 1980 - Home

We know what you’re thinking, surely this national football shirt is a bit… basic?

Well, yes and no. 

It’s definitely simple, but sometimes that’s all it needs. 

All three of England’s usual colours are incorporated into the design which you can never go wrong with! And who doesn’t love a little V-neck?


Image Source: Football Jersey


6) 1996 - Away

The England Euro 96 shirt is one for the history books. 

That’s right, it’s the grey shirt!

The likes of Paul Gascoigne , Gary Neville, and Alan Shearer wore this shirt during the contest. It’s a classic.

Instantly recognisable, the metallic grey is one you’ll never forget. 


Image Source: The Retro Jerseys


5) 2020 - Home

Now this is a classic Euros England shirt if we’ve ever seen one!

Worn for the 2020 competition (actually in 2021 due to Covid), it features another central positioning of the crest and Nike logo, with a silver star on top. 

With a zigzag design down either side of the shirt, the lightning speed unfortunately didn’t help the players secure victory - that went to Italy. 


Image Source: Classic Football Shirt Collection


4) 1996 - Home

Yet another England 96 Euro shirt, but when the shirts are this good you have to mention them!

We love the multi-blue touches and the criss-cross collar. Another central design - it may be growing on us…


Image Source: Box Jerseys


3) 2016 - Home

There’s no denying that this is different for the Three Lions. Perhaps the best word is… safe?

The varying shades of blue are eye-catching, but there’s nothing much else to talk about!

It’s basic but is that its attraction?


Image Source: Classic Football Shirt Collection


2) 2012 - Away

Just look at this shirt. 

It speaks for itself!

The deep navy blue isn’t something we’ve seen much from the England team but we’re a fan!

Contrasted with the lighter blue collar that matches the crest, this is a stand-out shirt. 


Image Source: One2Elevenkits


1) 2024 - Away

We couldn’t not put this shirt on the list!

For the first time ever, the England Euros kit will be purple.


Image Source: Kit Gallery


There’s no denying that this has caused some controversy - the purple is said to be a ‘modern mix of the classic blue and red’ typically associated with the England kit. 

Each side of the shirt also features side panels made up of seven colours as a nod to ‘English fashion’. 

Here’s what our Company Director, Matt Cole, has to say about this year’s England Euros shirt: 

“What a shirt we have for this year’s tournament, it’s got a proper retro feel about it. 

“I’ve got a good feeling about seeing our players in this kit! 


It is surely one of the best football kits we’ve seen in a long time. 


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So those are our top ten Euros England shirt picks. 

Do you agree with our choices? Or do you believe another kit should’ve made the list?

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