Here’s The Full Euro Cup Winners List!

Here’s The Full Euro Cup Winners List!

Who doesn’t love the Euros?

The camaraderie, the excitement, and, of course, the Euros shirts

With the latest Euros coming up, we thought we’d put together the Euro Cup winners list, so we can see who’s won and who we feel may win this year. 

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Talking of the list, let’s take a look…


Euros Winners List... So Far!

Can you believe the Euros started in 1960? That means we’ve had more than 60 years of the quadrennial competition. 

Sounds like a long Euro winners list to us…

1960 - (then) Soviet Union

Hosted in France, the then-Soviet Union team won the first-ever Euros competition. 

After the breakup of the Soviet Union in 1991, the team was replaced by the Russian national football team. 

1964 - Spain

The Spanish football team is the second team on the Euro Cup winners list!

Back then, the competition was also hosted by Spain… is there some foul play going on?

1968 - Italy

For the third Euro championship, the Italian team took home the trophy. 

Yet again, it was won by the team that hosted the competition. Surely two on the bounce can’t just be a coincidence…

1972 - West Germany

The 1972 Euros winner was West Germany but hosted in Belgium. 

It won’t be the first time you see this name…

1976 - (then) Czechoslovakia 

When Czechoslovakia was one unity, they were crowned Euros champions in 1976. 

And the former Yugoslavia hosted the competition!

Bet you didn’t think you’d be having a history lesson with this Euros winners list!

1980 - West Germany

We told you they’d be back again. 

The (then) West German football team lifted the Euros trophy twice before the East and West sides united in 1989. 

1984 - France

You just knew the French football team was making this list!

Although, the 1984 competition was also hosted in France… more suspiciousness at play?

1988 - Netherlands

The Dutch football team won the Euros in 1988. 

You just know it’s the orange shirt that gave them all the luck that they needed!

1992 - Denmark

As we headed into the 90s, the team from Denmark won the Euros. 

It’s the only time this international football team has won the cup… so far?

1996 - Germany 

A win for Germany when they were united… sounds more like a win-win!

It was of course hosted in England, who ended up in third. 

2000 - France

We’ve been to the year 2000 and France won the Euros.

And what a game it was - who can forget the ‘golden goal’ by David Trezeguet? Arguably one of the best goals in the entire history of football!

2004 - Greece

Now who can forget this team’s addition to the Euros Cup winner list?

With a 150-1 chance of winning, the Greek team won each one of their games 1-0. 

Coincidence or not…

2008 - Spain

2008 saw the La Roja lift the Euros trophy for the second time. 

Having not won the competition since the 1960s, it meant so much to the Spanish fans. 

2012 - Spain

For the first time in Euros history, a team won the contest two times on the trot!

Who can forget Spain lifting the trophy again in 2012?

In the final against Italy, La Roja won 4-0.

2016 - Portugal

The first time winning the Euros, 2016 was a great year for the Portuguese football team. 

Beating France 1-0, that goal from Eder will go down in history. 

2021 - Italy

A year late due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Italy secured the title in 2021. 

Perhaps England’s closest chance of lifting the Euro Cup, Italy won on penalties in the end. 

Who Will Join The Euro Cup Winners List?

The 2024 Euros championship will take place in Germany. 

As the most regular winners of the Euros, will it be Germany or Spain that take the lead this time? It won’t come as a surprise, but we are hoping for England’s first win!

Our Company Director, Matt Coles, says:

“My excitement for Euro 2024 as an England fan is through the roof!

“With how close we have been in the past few major tournaments, I feel this year really is our year to bring it home. 

!I’m so excited to see the likes of Bukayo Saka, Jude Bellingham, and Phil Foden in action and I back us to go all the way!” 

Only time will tell…

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